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www-spong-ack - WWW (CGI) based spong acknowledgment tool



Then a spong event occurs (or will occur), you can use this tool to acknowledge that your know there is a problem. You can provide text that will be seen by others looking at the event (via a spong display program). You can specify a time limit that the problem will occur. If a problem has been acknowledged, you will no longer receive notifications of the problem, and the spong display programs will show the of the service(s) as "blue".

Theory of Operation

The www-spong-ack program is designed to interact with the the www-spong entry elsewhere in this document Spong display program, but it the program can be used if it is invoked directly.

When the program is initially invoked it will list all of the acknowledgments at the top of the page in the "Current Acknowledgments" section. The host/service and the expiration date/time of the acks are displayed. A Delete link is provided for every ack. that will delete that particular ack. when selected.

Below in the "New Acknowledgment" section is a form form for creating a new acknowledgment. The host name is selected from the drop-down box. The service(s) to be acknowledged is entered in service field. The duration of the event is entered in one of several formats into the duration field. Your e-mail address should be entered into the e-mail address field. It is only used to show who created the ack. And a message about the acknowledgement can be entered. Once all of the information is entered, press the 'Create' button to create the acknowledgement.


Configuration Files

spong-cleanup reads the standard spong.conf and spong.conf.<host> configuration files.

Configuration Variables

The host that at least the the spong-server entry elsewhere in this document and the spong-message entry elsewhere in this document programs are running on. Typically the the spong-network entry elsewhere in this document program runs on that host as well.
This variable defines the port that the the spong-server entry elsewhere in this document update process listens on. If this variable is not defined on the $SPONGSERVER host, the the spong-server entry elsewhere in this document update process will not be started. The default value is 1998.


SPONGHOME/etc/spong.conf, SPONGHOME/etc/spong.conf.<host>


Perl v5.005_03 or greater is required.

A working web server that can run CGI programs.


No know bugs.


the spong-server entry elsewhere in this document, the spong-ack entry elsewhere in this document, the spong.conf manpage, the user-guide entry elsewhere in this document


Stephen L Johnson <>


Based on code/ideas from Sean MacGuire (BB), and Helen Harrison (Pong). Ed Hill original converted Big Brother ( into Perl which diverged from Big Brother to become Spong. Ed Hill continued Spong development until version 2.1. Stephen L Johnson took over development in October, 1999 with his changes which became Spong 2.5.

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