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admin-guideadmin-guide - Spong Administrator's Guide
check_interfacescheck_interfaces - spong-network module to check for down intefaces via SNMP
check_snmpcheck_snmp - spong-network module to check for proper SNMP agent operation
data_sendmsgdata_sendmsg - spong-network module that sends copies of update messages to other spong-servers
developer-guidedeveloper-guide - developer's guide to Spong
spongspong - character based Spong client interface program
spong-ackspong-ack - Spong acknowledgment tool
spong-cleanupspong-cleanup - perform nightly maintenance to the spong database
spong-clientspong-client - report system information to spong server
spong-client-mod-templatespong-client-mod-template - how to create modules for spong-client
spong-introSimple System/Network Monitoring - spong v2.0
spong-messagespong-message - send out alerts when there is a problem
spong-message-mod-templatespong-message-mod-template - how to build spong message template
spong-networkspong-network - report network service information to spong server.
spong-network-mod-templatespong-network-mod-template - A sample spong-network check module
spong-serverspong-server - save status information reported by spong programs
spong-server-mod-templatespong-server-mod-template - how to build a spong-server data module
spong-statusspong-status - send various type of messages to a spong-server
spong.confspong.conf - provides configuration information to spong programs.
spong.groupsspong.groups - define groups of spong hosts
spong.hostsspong.hosts - define hosts and services to monitor
spong.messagespong.message - define rules on how and when to send notifications
spongfaqspongfaq - frequently asked questions about Spong ($Revision: 1.4 $, $Date: 2001/01/05 20:50:01 $)
todo<no description>
user-guideuser-guide - a user's guide to using Spong
www-spongwww-spong - display spong system status via the web or general static HTML pages of system status
www-spong-ackwww-spong-ack - WWW (CGI) based spong acknowledgment tool

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