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In order to use Spong, you must have Perl installed and running on the system running any of the Spong programs. Perl 5.005_03 or greater is required. You can retrieve it from the CPAN archive (http://www.perl.com/CPAN/).

Optional Module

In order to use the spong-network DNS check, you will need to have the Net::DNS perl module. Another suggested module to install is the Time::HiRes module. spong-network can take advantage of the module, if installed, to give more accurate response time for the TCP service checks. These modules can be retrieved from the CPAN Archive (http://www.perl.com/CPAN/).

Core Package

All of the Spong release files can be viewed on the Spong Project Filelist page.

The complete source is accessable via the Spong CVS repository. See the Spong Project CVS web page for complete instructions on access the repository. The Spong 2.6 branch tag is 'spong-2_6_0'. The MAIN Spong branch of the repository is Spong 2.7.

Version Release Date File Name Notes
2.7.6 0918/2001 spong-2.7.6a.tar.gz
(Size 269892 bytes)
This is the latest and greatest release of Spong. Please read all of the documentation, FAQ's and configuration comments before contacting me about problems.


There are various contributed modules for Spong programs.

O'Shaughnessy Evans
Plugin Module Type Release Date File Name Plugin Description Contributor
check_files spong-client 03/28/2000 check_files
(Size 6395 bytes)
A Tripwire like module that checks for file changes. Thomas Whipp
check_mysql spong-network 12/03/1999 check_mysql
(Size 1006 bytes)
Checks the status of a MySQL database instance that is running a host. Miles Lott
check_https spong-network 01/26/2000 check_httpd-0.9.tar.gz
(Size 2360 bytes)
Checks HTTPS services for a web server. Stephen L Johnson
Gerald Combs is no longer the maintainer.
check_insight spong-network 08/14/2000 check_insight
(Size 5035 bytes)
Poll status of the Compaq Insight Management software of a host. Andrew Ruthven
check_ldap spong-network 03/26/2001 check_ldap-0.6.tar.gz
(Size 3844 bytes)
Checks status of LDAP servers. Daniel Wittenberg
check_bgp spong-network 12/14/2000 check_bgp-0.6.tar.gz
(Size 2698 bytes)
Check status of BGP peers. Tim Tsai
check_links spong-network 07/09/02/ check_links Checks all endpoints on a router O'Shaughnessy Evans
check_qmailq spong-client 07/09/02/ check_qmailq Check the size of a qmail Mail Queue
check_radius spong-network 07/09/02/ check_radius Check the status of a Radius Authentication Server
msg_exec spong-message 07/09/02/ msg_exec A Spong Message module that executes a command on a notification
msg_qpage spong-message 07/09/02/ msg_qpage A Spong Messaging module for qpage.
check_raid check_raid 12/15/02 check_raid A modules for monitoring Linux MD RAID devices Robert Harrison
check_ssh check_ssh 08/25/05 check_ssh Updated ssh module Jan Willamowius

Add Ons

These are option packages that can add new functionality into Spong or are replacement for existing Spong Core programs.

Package Name Release Date File Name Package Description Contributor
Spong-RRD 04/26/2000 spong-rrd-0.1.tar.gz
(Size 7353 bytes)
This is an addon package for Spong that captures and logs the information of incoming status messages that would normally be lost. It uses the RRD Tool software package to log the information into databases and display the databases using graphs. This package is compatible with Spong versions 2.5 and higher. Stephen L Johnson
tkspong 12/02/1999 tkspong tkspong is a Perl/Tk frontend client to Spong. It allows you to run spong-server and status data in X without a Web server or browser. Miles Lott Seems to have gone missing.
(version 0.3)
02/08/2001 spong-nt-client-0.3.zip
(Size 24422 bytes)
spong-nt-client is an Spong Client program for monitoring Windows NT systems. It is based on the spong-client from Spong 2.6f. But spong-nt-client can work with any version of spong-server.

It requires ActiveState Perl and a couple other Win32 Perl module to run. It be installed as an NT service.

Joanna Ziembicki